Friday, July 20, 2018

Still Making Progress

It's been awhile since I blogged.  I'm still healing and have done no needlework in the last eight months.  What took seconds to happen has no end date.  I still walk with a cane and my left arm/hand is getting stronger, but I cannot hurry the progress.  For those who are interested, Pompera will be used for therapeutic riding, then come to me for retirement.  My mind is willing, but there are many things I cannot do.  I can brush her and love her, but I cannot move fast enough to get out of her way if she moves suddenly.  I will be able to visit her and ride her and someone else will pay to feed her and for her expensive shoes.  After spending years and part of my work life typing with two hands it is painful to use one finger!  But I am healing - just slowly.  At least my mind is intact and I'm still willing to take risks!  A bit more slowly and with some planning, but I'm still here!  I still miss you all and appreciate your many kindnesses!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dodging A Bullet

After the stoke in November, a suspicious spot was accidentally found on a CAT scan.  At the time nothing could be done.  After waiting four months, yesterday was my appointment with a team of oncologists.  I was prepared for them to want a biopsy, and it was right behind the breastbone (not an easy place to get at). Imagine my surprise when the team suggested I leave it alone!  With no other symptoms, it may have been there since my birth, and it's a cyst not a tumor! I guess I was more worried than I thought about it and with four more months of hoping it wasn't growing, what a relief!  A little more on left hand every day, but no strength yet.  Little handwork yet. I'm hopeful every day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


At long last, I am home to stay.  Over the past four months I've only been home on short visits, with the proviso that I had to return to rehab ( I can't understand why they emphasized that to me).  Dickens has come out of hiding and is keeping me company. Have not tried quilting yet--probably tomorrow, but I have been thinking of how I can modify what I want to do.  One needs two good hands for many things. I will continue to make quilts--just a bit differently.

Hello to everyone.  I was able to help someone who had a stroke near my timeline, helped several elderly folks, and can serve as a shining example of faith (or stupidity) in action.  Be grateful for every day you are healthy and whole; it can be gone in less than a blink.

Blissfully counting down to spring,