Sunday, August 3, 2008

And the Winner Is... Plus a Rumor Found to Be True

I am just truly stunned and amazed! That six people were able to correctly identify the picture--I'm still shaking my head! For those of you who would like a couple more hints before the unveiling, here are more pics:

Yes, it is Queen Anne's Lace! A common "weed" that is so pretty that I've let some of it grow in my flower beds this year. When I was weeding about a week ago and actually looked into the center of an as-yet-unfolded blossom, I was amazed at how pretty it was. That's when I decided to run the contest. Must be lots of people look at flowers this way--I'm impressed. For the record: Jay, Sheila, Karen, Cindy, Julie and Carole were correct. I assigned each person a number and then had a disinterested third party choose a number between 1 and 6. The number was 4--and the winner is...Cindy from St. Regis Falls!!!! Congratulations, Cindy!

Your prize will be mailed to you this week. Here are two pictures of it:

The colors are a bit off in the photos; they are a minty green and soft yellow, with a red star and white beads. And, yes, the butterfly pins are included! This needlecase is adapted from a pattern by Crab-apple Hill. I hope you enjoy it!

Many thanks to all who participated. It was great fun to look each day to see who had responded. I could not include BMAC in the drawing even though she claimed to know the correct answer--and all the guesses were wonderful!

Now, let's turn to the rumor I've found to be true. We all know that housework makes us ugly--think about it--do you have a happy, carefree attitude when doing housework? Or do you snarl and snap at anyone in the vicinity. No matter how great a job you do, you have to keep doing it over and over and over and over.... You get the picture. Well, I had heard a rumor that housework could be actually dangerous to your health. But...I threw caution to the wind and did a bit of housework on Friday and.... I sprained my right foot! (Not the ankle--the foot!) I know, I know--how could that possibly happen? Well, I was sorting my quilting magazines and putting them in the cardboard magazine boxes and aligning them on shelves. I needed to sit on the floor to achieve all this and...I felt what I thought was a sting as I sat down. I didn't think much of it, completed the task and finished vacuuming, etc. The foot started swelling immediately, but what? I was up most of the night in pain and in the morning finally hitched a ride to "Prompt Care" at the local hospital (a step below emergency). X-rays were taken and, as I suspected, it was a soft tissue injury, no broken bones, but better safe than sorry. So I have been sitting with my foot elevated and ice on it for the past 24 plus hours. No driving, no dancing on the island. My conclusion--I will never do housework again! It's waaaaayyyyy too dangerous. Consider yourselves warned!

In the next post I have new pictures of student quilts and who knows what else. Stay away from housework until at least then!


  1. Of course, I did not expect to be included in the drawing - I was just bragging - and who knows if I really knew??? But, now that I've seen the prize, I want to be included.

    Sharon, what a nature lover and gardener you are! That's you!!


  2. Thank You! It was fun! I hope you will do it again. Don't forget to quilt while you are sitting there with your foot elevated:) I look forward to receiving my prize in the mail!

    Cindy Oshier

  3. Ok, so now I NEED those butterfly pins. Too cute. And thanks for so bravely "stepping" forward to test the theory about housework being so dangerous. I am headed off to the yellow pages to hire some seasoned professionals for the task!

    Heal well (and soon.)


  4. Congrats to Cindy!

    I have always suspected housework was dangerous.... Personally, I think dishes and bathroom cleaning should be left to serious minded professionals, unlike myself! And, of course, if someone does serious injury to a hand or finger there goes quilting time until everything heals. It just isn't worth the risk ;)

    Hope you heal fast =))



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