Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Three Smiling Faces...and Sandy

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching four friends to make the "Friendship Quilt". As each brought enough fabric to make several such quilts, and shared amongst themselves, each quilt is a wonderful mix of colors and textures--similar but not identical. From left to right are Nancy, Barb, Sandy (she did smile once but not when I was taking pictures), and Mary Kay. We had an absolute blast--good food, M&Ms, fabric, friends, quilting--what's not to like? We all hated to see the day come to an end. As the quilts are finished, I will post more pics. (Remember Barb, my knitting guru? That's her!)

Fall winds are sweeping through, but Summer refuses to give up entirely. I was watching the wind in the trees today--it looked like it was raining leaves! Luckily I have very few deciduous trees--mostly spruce--so I don't have to rake many leaves. But I love to hear the wind in the cottonwood and poplars. Birds are flocking, geese are flying overhead day and night--and the peepers have given up. Lynnie has a new coat to keep her warm and I just got her a new fleece blanket (with pink flowers) to sleep under. And, yes, I am still knitting socks--we may all need to wear several pairs at once with the price of heating oil!

Here's something I've been doing for several days and I hope you will give it a try too: You know how people (not us--those others!) do stupid things, especially when driving--like cutting us off, not using turning signals, yada, yada, yada. Next time, instead of getting mad, try saying "Thank you, thank you very much" in your best Elvis voice! I can't stop smiling after I say it and it makes me feel better! I know, I know, it sounds silly...but try it! It doesn't cost anything--and it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown. Go ahead, try it you can't keep from smiling!

Until next time, happy quilting! Thank you, thank you very much (LOL).


  1. It was a wonderful, wonderful day! Thank you, Sharon, for finding a day to spend with us. And we learned so much!

    Thank you, thank you very much (and I mean it).


  2. The title of this cracked me up!

    How nice to have the amazing day memorialized on a blog! Thanks Sharon for sharing your knowledge with us. I for one am a much better quilter for it.



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