Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Am Lucky

My mom disagrees with that statement--mainly this week because my trusty eleven-year-old Jeep blew its engine on Thursday. Diagnosis and treatment: new motor. The irony? I was on my way to the repair shop to have a small leak in the radiator fixed--on the way!! I only got part way there when everything came to a screeching halt and I found myself stopped by the side of the road. (No, the engine did not overheat--I keep an eye to my gauges, and I keep the oil changed regularly. I knew someone out there was trying to figure out why it seized. No exact explanation has been forthcoming.) Lucky? Yes--I was able to get to the side of the road, not be in it. Lucky? Yes, I have AAA. Lucky? Yes--because I could have been on one of the major trips I have lined up in April. Now I know inquiring minds want to know why I am fixing an eleven-year-old car. Well, I just love it--and I have maintained it for all the years I've owned it (nine of those eleven). I just had new brakes and tires put on it, I found leather seats at a junk yard and replaced those awful cloth seats that grab my jumpers and hold me captive. (I replaced the seats within months of buying it--loooooove leather seats; I know that's not PC, but....) And the other good news and why I am still lucky--the repair shop is being absolutely wonderful about finding a new motor and doing the work in a timely fashion. Everyone has been kind and not treated me like an imbecile. That's rare in the auto repair industry today.

Lynnie and I were outside today enjoying the sunshine, so I snapped her picture. She felt bad that she had not been seen lately. She is in her glory because the woodchucks are out and about and they have all kinds of places to hide. But she can smell them--and runs from one end of the porch to the other in an attempt to see them. I can just see the woodchucks sitting under the porch, with a paw to their mouth, trying not to laugh out loud at the silly dog who thinks she can get them!
Tonight I heard the peepers for the first time--supposedly they have to be frozen off three times before it is officially spring. But what a thrill to hear them! And my first crocus was out today. Proof positive that things are looking up for better weather.

A few months ago disaster befell me in the form of my favorite moisturizer being discontinued. You all know what a pain it is to find something new. Well, I decided to do a little research before jumping into a new moisturizer. Now, we've all seen the commercials that promise us the moon, but I also wanted to find something that let my conscience be more at ease--no animal testing. I found out a lot about the wording of claims about no animal testing and how they can be manipulated to seem okay. I'm not going to go into all that--you can read more about it elsewhere on the web if you are interested. However--here's the good news! I found a company that can be reached at They claim "no animal testing whatsoever." Seemed okay, but I emailed them anyway and asked them to confirm that statement. They were very nice and did so. The products are actually made of ingredients that we use as food. My fav, of course, is the night cream that is made with...cocoa! I have been using the products for about two months now and have been very happy with the results. My skin looks good and I know no animals were harmed in helping me stay so darn good looking! (OK already, get up off the floor and stop that laughing...I mean it...don't make me come over there!) Be fine products can be found at places like CVS and Rite Aid and some grocery store chains. Check out the website for more information. And, no, I am not getting any sort of endorsement deal out of this--just passing along my opinion.
Remember to leave a comment on the last post (March 23) to be eligible for the drawing. So far only 7 people (thank you!) have left comments. One in seven odds are good! You only have until midnight Sunday, March 29.
I'm leaving you tonight with a picture of the top of my computer tower. Carol, a dear friend and student, has been making me wonderful Hardanger pieces for several years. I have displayed them on and around my desk and thought you would like to see them. They are truly works of art and I treasure them. The little girl figurine was a gift from another friend, Joyce--it says "I picked this for you" on the bottom, and she sways. The seal pup is crystal from Austria and the sewing machine is from Clair S., another special friend. Please notice the lizard on top of the light (which Clair's husband made for me). Iggy was given to me by Bonni B. when I made my own lizard quilt several years ago. Lucky? You bet--I've been blessed with the best family, friends and students around.

Ta-ta for now. See you on Monday for the unveiling of the winner.

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  1. Hi Sharon, Wow! Two posts in one week. Hurray! I've left my comment for the drawing. I hope it gave you a laugh. I'm sorry to hear about the Jeep engine, but so glad to know that you are safe and well. I agree with you, you are lucky. And all of us are lucky to know to you and count you as a friend. Take care and happy quilting! Big Hugs, Jay


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