Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Warning: This is another horse post--no pictures of horses this time, but about horse equipment. Continue reading if you are interested, or tune in tomorrow when I will not post about horses (I think!)

Remember when I told you I was getting pink grooming tools? Well, I was given this so lovely tool box to carry my brushes in. (Yes, that was spoken tongue-in-cheek.)

I had some Blue Suede Shoes paint left from the parlor/hall/stairwell and decided it was a perfect complement to pink brushes. Here's Lynnie inspecting the job. The stuff in the bottom is the non-slip matting one can use on shelves or between plates to prevent scratches or damage.

Lynnie makes a great inspector! Here's the box filled with my brushes and other accouterments. The tool box story is continued further down.

The first of this week, Electra's owner and I had a saddle fitting--trying to find the best saddle for both Electra and me. And the correct stirrup length, a girth that fit Electra.... You get the drift. I brought the saddle home to clean it. This is what it looked like before I started.

And this is what it looked like when I was done! OOOOHHHHH, shiny! That is one of the safety stirrups peaking out and the leather girth. This is the cutback saddle I was talking about a couple posts ago--the one with nothing to hang onto!

I am now the proud owner of my own riding helmet! Please pray that I never have need of its safety features! Can we say "film at eleven"??? Here's a picture that shows it all--helmet, clean saddle and the newly-enhanced tool box. Each brush now has its own holder and I have a new pair of pink leather gloves. See the container of peppermints? They are to bribe the horses with! (Sorry, the mints are partially under the gloves--trust me the horses can find them!)

I was just looking at the last picture and thinking how much horse stuff I have for someone who doesn't own a horse! How did that happen? (I'm fairly suspicious that quilting started this way too--dip in a toe and next thing you are caught in the undertow!) As an aside, we finally figured that Electra had not been ridden or driven in at least 12 years! So I think we both did really well.

Okay, enough horsing around for a bit (I really do try to keep it to a minimum on the blog).

I am dangerously close to my 200th post--which means?????


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