Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Quick Rant

Rant #1: On a local TV station they are advertising a "Tripple Feature". When did triple gain another "p"?!?! And it's in all caps on the ad!

Rant #2: On a commercial for a furniture retailer, Kathy Ireland is saying "Available exclusively and only at..."--okay, is it me or is the use of exclusively and only redundant?

Rant #3: Books and magazines with more spelling and grammatical errors than should be possible in this day and age. Has everyone stopped actually reading documents and books for errors or are they depending solely on spell check? Has the job description changed for editors and for proofreaders?

Rant #4: Facebook. Did you know that you cannot delete your account once you have one activated? Yes, yes...they will let you "deactivate" your account after telling you why you shouldn't--I believe there are 8-10 reasons you can choose from and each time you click one of them it gives you a song and dance about why you shouldn't deactivate for THAT reason. Apparently the information is still visible--just not active. It's very unfortunate that there is no "guest" membership so that you can check things out, opt out if you want and delete your info. I'm sorry--that's just wrong in my book. (I know there are many of you who love Facebook--I'm sharing my opinion. Remember me? Read the masthead to refresh your memory if you don't.) Oh, and ditto for Twitter.

Rant #5: Will this winter never end? The doors to my shed (which is where my snowblower is stored) were iced shut and no amount of banging with a hammer would free them. So...I had to shovel the entire drive for the second time this winter. And we got at least 16 inches. I did see several robins today--but I think they were sent ahead to toy with our minds. They are probably starlings with robin coats on.

End of rant.

I have been hand quilting like a maniac and prepping for upcoming classes. That's why I've been so silent here. Hopefully pictures next time. Happy Thursday...hopefully I have started it out with a chuckle.



  1. Cheers... you managed to get a smile out of me... Happy Thursday!

    PS. We had imposter Robins eating the flowering crab berries here on Sunday... they must be everywhere... ; )

  2. Thank you for the chuckle! It was definitely needed on such a dreary day

  3. Sharon, I am sooo with you on Facebook and Twitter - I won't go near either of them!

    Hope your winter ends soon.

  4. Oh, I so agree with everything! You made me smile with your wit as well.


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