Friday, November 18, 2011

More Finishes and a Surprise Sighting!

Margaret of Trumansburg, New York, brought her finished Flower Garden Applique quilt to the hand quilting class on Saturday. Isn't it lovely? Unfortunately, the colors are not very true in the pic--it's a beautiful green on green background with vibrant flower fabrics. Margaret is a very enthusiastic student, to say the least! Great job!

A true finish--no kidding! Sharon G. of Skaneateles, New York, not only had her top finished, but it was quilted and bound! Now that's finished! This is from my In Baltimore Style Block of the Month.

Here's a detail. The sashing was perfect for this colorful quilt. Doesn't it make you think of the Caribbean?

And the surprise sighting? It was me, with my new tiara and wand! Thanks to Susan M. for suggesting the photo! I had just received not just one but two beautiful tiaras and matching wands. Several of the shop's staff thought it was my birthday! Truly, one should wear tiaras whenever the mood strikes--it's good for the soul!

We've been blessed with snow yet again. And then it's supposed to be in the mid-50s tomorrow! Go figure!



P.S. Books I've listened to: The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory; Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley. I finished the series on foxhunting by Rita Mae Brown and am still reading Animals in Translation.


  1. Tell Sharon G to bring that quilt with her next August - I want to see it!!! Both quilts look just beautiful! Glad to hear that you have been blessed with not one but two tiaras - may you continue to reign over your students:)

  2. Both are absolutely beautiful! I will have a surprise for you at next Monday's Bliss Class! Stay tuned!

    Terri H


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