Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Random Sunday

1.  When I am President, everyone will have broadband or higher for internet!  It takes me so long to wait for dial-up that I have started knitting while I wait....

2.  The word "eely".  It means slippery.  Just saying the word eely makes my skin crawl.  It's in crosswords quite a bit.

3.  Why, in crosswords, are we allowed to use "lira" or "lire" depending on which ending fits the puzzle?

4.  Do real female cops and FBI agents (and other alphabet agencies) really wear high heels on a take-down?  Can you imagine chasing a perp and getting that heel caught in a grate?  Have there been tests to see how fast women can run in heels?  Rest assured, if I am elected President, no funds will be expended for that research.

5.   Why are geese already flying south?  It seems way too early.  But I'm loving this cooler weather.

6.  Why isn't every book I want available on CD?  I can listen a lot more than I can actually read.  If you haven't done the Harry Potter books on CD, you really should, even if you've read the books.  Jim Dales is spectacular as the reader.

7.  I pulled out a project from quite a while ago, already basted, and have it over half quilted in just one evening.  

8.  Today I cut batting for 80 quilt sandwiches for class and muslin for 52.  Have the 52 layered ready to baste.  I don't suppose anyone wants to volunteer to help baste?  I didn't really think so.

 Okay, I guess that's enough randomness for now.  Have a great start to the week!

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  I am listening to Home Front by Kristin Hannah.  Compelling!


  1. Hi Sharon, Well, I survived the first week of school. Yeah! Your random thoughts for this Sunday made me smile. Hugs, Jay

  2. Thanks for the randomness - delightful, and long may it reign! I can almost feel a regular blog feature arriving!!

  3. Re: #4: Also, do they really wear those tight, low cut tops?? I think not!


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