Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Stop

The last stop on my Shelburne Farms tour was the breeding barn.  Here's the drive to the entrance.

You can't imagine the  number of pictures I had to take to get one good (?) one of myself.  I need much longer arms!  Anyways, here I am standing at one end of the Breeding Barn.  It's a huge structure and until 1932 (or 1939) it was the largest open span building in the world!  Check out those skylights.  The structures on both sides near the floor used to be horse stalls. Way in the back there are three hay wagons set side by side--there is room for at least that many more across the aisle, showing how big this place is.  

A little less than half the length of the building on the outside front.

This was taken on the back side of the barn.  Look at all the detail work and the sheer number of windows!

From the inside looking up...and up!  You can see from the ground floor all the way to the top of the cupola-like structure at the top.  You can see the viewing platform in the center on the second floor.  For scale, the round windows are approximately 18-24 inches across.  For those of you who ride, can you even imagine riding in this place?  All that space and light?  The barn is being restored and is presently used for events.  There is a poster showing it lit up with candles and white lights, with round tables and guests seated for a banquet.  Just stunning!

And last, the view out the arched door looking back down the lane.  Several people had suggested that the mansion was the building to see--but for me nothing beats a great barn!  

That ends the away mission tour, and we will now resume some other nonsense to keep you entertained, or to be used as an insomniac aid!

Blissful hugs,

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  1. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures from Shelburne Museum. They were fanastic! You must have had a wonderful time!


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