Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Look What I Did This Afternoon!

In yet another attempt to clean off my cutting island, I found this pattern and two fabrics that I had left from another hexie project.  I also had the EZ Hexagon ruler and a Creative Grids 60 degree ruler.  I chose to think of it as an omen.

Several months ago, I had bought these On the Dot Markers.  After attempting to fussy cut without them, I unearthed them from yet another pile of quilty goodness.  What a difference they made!

Here you see me (gasp!) fussy cutting birds for this project.  (I know--ME, fussy cutting?)  With the markers it is easy to see which lines I am using and to center the birds correctly.  Now imagine this without the markers.

Aligning for the second cut.

And the third.  Just so you know, Terry cut all the hexagons in the pattern from strips of fabric.  No fussy cutting, and definitely faster.  And no set-ins.  But you know how I love me some fussy cutting....  And I love set-ins by hand!

And here it is.  From the start of the cutting to the borders, probably about 3 hours invested.  All by machine.

A close-up of one corner.  What looks like an icky brown here, is, in fact, a very rich brown with even darker brown streaks.  The bird fabric in the cutting pics is pretty true.

And, yes, I probably did have something else I should have been doing, but I needed a "quilty-picker-upper" and this fit the bill.  And the brown fabric--I have just a few very small pieces left.  I was dangerously close to not having enough.  But this was a project made strictly with what I had on hand.  And I think I have enough bird fabric to back this.  Binding?  Okay, got me there--I'll have to look through my stash--or probably just go buy a quarter yard and be done with it!

Blissful, if brrrrrryyyyyy, hugs,

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