Monday, March 9, 2015

With a Little Help From My Friend

A week or so ago, I was laying out my 32 point Mariner's Compass, trying to get the big pies arranged just right.  I turned away for a second, and ....

You will  notice how nicely Dickens folds under his front paws, the better not to claw the material!  Those scowling eyes mean he's in it to win it.  I would have thought the pins would have been a deterrent, but I guess not!

What's a quilt without a bit of cat hair?

If anyone reading this has emailed me in the last week and not received an answer, please try again.  I had trouble receiving email, but I think it is fixed now.  Talk about scary!

I've been working on a new hand piecing sample, and I put binding on a small wallhanging today.  I haven't been letting the grass grow under my feet!  (In rereading this, I had to laugh--we still have FEET of snow on the ground, much less grass!)

Hope you are all well and enjoying the tropical heatwave we are having.  I have a really cool applique tip to share in the next post--stay tuned!

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  I am listening to Inferno by Dan Brown.

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  1. Hi Sharon - and hugs to Dickens... he's soooo cute !
    Kathleen in CA


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