Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where in the world...

Last month I made a trip to Northeastern Ohio--Cleveland!  Since I spend so much time commuting every week, I am a firm believer in taking the fastest routes possible.  In this case, I was able to see both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.  Along the waterfront in Cleveland, there is a huge building with sea life painted on it.  My brother told me he and another tractor-trailer driver were driving along the same route one day.  He was on the CB radio with the other driver's young son and he asked him if he could see the "aquarium" by the lake!  Of course, he could, and then his dad had to explain that it was just painted on the side of the building!  It really is stunning!

But, sightseeing aside, I was really going to spend time with the North Coast Needlers Quilt Guild.  Their show had been the previous weekend, and members brought their quilts so that everyone could see who had gotten ribbons!  OMG!  These quilts were phenomenal! There is a lot of talent in that guild!  And I had to go on after that show and tell!

It was a ton of fun!  I bring a selection of my quilts, spanning my entire quilting career, and tell their stories.  Some are funny, some are more serious, but it's easy to relate to my journey through the quilting world.  "The school of hard knocks is an accelerated curriculum", and I am in the PHD program!

The next day Elaine, Martha, Maryann, Patt and Phyllis joined me for an advanced applique class, where they learned to make 1/8 inch bias stems, sharp points, invisible applique stitches and much more.  We had an absolute blast--thank you, ladies, for sharing the day with me.

Martha took me on a driving tour of Cleveland just before dusk.  She is so proud of her hometown, and she knows its history and shared many types of neighborhoods with me.  Rumor has it that Cleveland has a church on every corner--and when viewing the lighted steeples after dark, it's easy to believe.  Thank you, Martha, for sharing with me!

It was a most excellent adventure!  On the trip home, coming across Pennsylvania and into western New York, I was reminded of my last trip to Ohio, which took place in the fall.  At that time, the grapes were ready for harvesting and the air was redolent with their fragrance.  This time, the leaves were just bursting forth on the vines, starting the cycle again.

Have I mentioned recently how lucky I am?

Blissful Wednesday night hugs,

P.S.  I am listening to "The Invention of Wings" by Susan Monk Kidd.  Laurie, you are right, I'm hooked!

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