Friday, June 26, 2015

Twelve Days

This is almost like time-lapse photography.  A couple weeks ago, two phoebes made a nest outside my side door--the one I use every day.  They knew about the use of the door and chose to build there anyways--and harassed me about it every day.  

On June 15, you can just see the furry little bodies sticking up over the top of the nest.

Same day, a little better angle.

The view on June 17.  Looks like only two.

June 21.

Still 6/21.  Still looks like two.

June 22.  I see three!

June 24.  Four!

June 25.  Aren't they so cute?

June 25, all four looking out!

June 26.  This morning when I went to get in the car, all four were puffed up.  I've been telling them for the last few days to stay in the nest as long as possible, because once they leave the nest they would  have to feed and look after themselves.  Each day the parents made clicking noises whenever I was in the vicinity and these babies turned into statues!  No movement, no noise.

I reminded them yet again about staying in the nest and moved to the car.  All of a sudden, all four flew!  Right near me, with one of the parents flapping almost in my face!  I had figured they would fly in the next day or two, but didn't think I would be around to see it.  When I got home tonight, the nest was empty.  Hopefully I'll see this family around for the rest of the summer.

Blissful Friday hugs,

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