Sunday, October 25, 2015

It's Exhausting

Interviews, FBI screenings, Secret Service...manicures, facials, spa days, wardrobe just goes on and on.  Learning to walk in heeled shoes.  Must be I am being taken more seriously in my fourth bid for President!  (wink, wink)  There was a lot of head shaking (not in a good way) when I brought up the subjects of tiaras and (weighted) scepters.

At any rate, since throwing my hat in the ring again, I have been busy, and busier, and am now into the 9th day of a cold/sinus/whatever.  Some will rejoice in knowing that I totally lost my voice one day, but it's back now....

Thanks for your patience.  Here's a brief tour of what others are achieving!

First, Sharon N, Pat S, Gale, Pat A, and Cheri learned to make flying geese units the old-fashioned way--with quarter- and half-square triangles!  They all did a beautiful job and have enough fabric to make a second block with the two main colors reversed!

Karen H. just has to bind her Mariner's Compass Bliss project--what a stunner it is!  Great job, Karen!

Carol R, a frequent flyer here on the blog, had her Green Thumb wall hanging at the Tompkins County Quilters Guild show a few weeks ago.  Just delightful, as always!

And Cindy O sent me this pic of 3 Unlikely Friends that she started last summer at retreat.  The setting fabrics add spark to the blocks!  Yippee!

The three blocks from Three Unlikely Friends were designed at the same time as the ones for Green Thumb.  They definitely did not do well with those nine, so I made a separate hanging out of them.  A very different feel.  I love them both.

Next up:  What I did in September.  Or maybe something else.

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  I finished X by Sue Grafton, Make Me by Lee Child, Tripwire by Lee Child.

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  1. Hope you're eating a lot of chicken soup, or just any soup! Stay warm and get better please.
    Pat B


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