Thursday, February 18, 2016

I've Been Quilting - Part 2

Tuesday night I trimmed the piece and put the binding on by machine and started hand sewing it down on the back.  I finished the hand sewing on Wednesday morning!


And here's why I made it.  In December, at a craft show, I found this little antique wire horse basket.  It came with the heart and the bear, which are considered "prims".  Did I mention it is a horse?

I had originally used this honeycomb piece but it was a bit small, and I wanted something darker in color.  I looked for cream and navy civil war prints, but everything was a bit too light for what I wanted.  Thus, the Nocturne collection.

You can see in comparing the picture above and the one below that darker was better.

These last two photos are a bit light in color--tried two lighting sources and these came out the best(?).  You may also notice the little log cabin pin in the basket; something I had that fit the theme.  And behind the bear is a tiny tree made from an old quilt remnant.

So that's the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say.  I love this piece and look forward to making more things from the Nocturne fabrics.

Blissful hugs,

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