Saturday, January 14, 2017

What's In Your To-Go Bag?

I know it's a not so well kept secret that I love hand piecing (okay, hand applique and hand quilting too).  Having recently changed to a larger purse, I wondered if I could make a hand piecing kit that was not bulky, but carried everything I needed, without resorting to a tote bag.

On Etsy, I found this Open Wide zipper pouch.  The horses were a bonus!  It's extremely well-made.  Here's the link to Denise's shop: Hot4Handbags.

When opened, look how well you can see in!  No more Braille method of finding what's in my bag!

A bit closer look inside.  And still room for the project to grow or to add other things.  I am not adding cutters or markers, templates, etc. to this bag.  Everything is ready to go and sew.

And here is what was in it.  Post-its and a pen, rows of cut and marked pieces clipped together, one row ready to pin and stitch, a small tin, and a dumpling bag.

In the tin are a spool of thread, small scissors, a finger pincushion with my favorite hand piecing pins, a thimble and a packet of needles.  Neat, tidy, no rummaging in the bigger bag for what I need.  In the dumpling bag are Clover Mini Clips.  Also note how small this piece is and yet how wide it opens.

The whole big bag fits in my purse and I can sew anywhere!  My suspicion is that the bag is just big enough to lay in my lap and be used to elevate my work or park things on.

What do you carry in your to-go bag?

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  I actually cropped all these photos very nicely and now cannot find them.  Oh, well.  Technology.  Did you know that I hand sew quite a bit ;-)

P.P.S.  Jocelyn, time is running out to claim your prize!  Please email me.


  1. Cool horse bag and love your idea for travel hand piecing.

  2. Great idea! If I put together a small kit like that I could get more done! Thanks for sharing this with us Sharon!
    Deb H

  3. All that in one bag? Cool!

  4. My to-go bag includes Band-Aids, individually packaged Wet Ones, small bottles of hand soap, pain reliever, and Benadryl. I think of it as my mini-first aid kit.

  5. I can't believe that you fit all of that in one little bag! I need one for grandma things......


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