Friday, May 26, 2017


Hops vines, anyone?  This pic was taken several days ago.  Now all the vines are up to the top and trailing.  All the light green you see at the base of the shed are new runners (i.e., volunteer plants).  I usually just trim them back with the mower, but haven't gotten there yet this year.

The summit has been reached!

 This is just too funny!  I was sitting at the kitchen table recently and heard a lot of chattering going on outside.  I thought it was a disgruntled bird, but when it continued I got up to find out the cause.  Imagine my surprise to find the chipmunk clinging to the rabbit's ear!  The pic is dark because I was inside the house, taking the picture through the window, and it was really sunny in the background.  He stayed there for quite a while, chattering all the time.

I wonder what the rabbit thought about being used as a perch!  (Before anyone asks, it is plastic!)

I've been busy teaching and doing all kinds of needlework.  Things to show should be appearing in the next few days.

Blissful hugs,


  1. The chipmunk is probably chattering away telling your bunny a story and the bunny is not responding back to him. Probably bugging the chipmunk more.

  2. This picture is priceless. Usually when you see something like this your camera isn't around.

  3. Always like seeing new needlework.
    Pat B


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