Thursday, August 3, 2017

So Long, Bye Bye

What to do?  With those bent, broken, dull needles and pins.  Over the years I have collected them in a variety of decorative containers (and some NOT so decorative!).  Salt/pepper shakers work great for needles and pin with almost no heads (like the one on the left).  Because I use pins with larger glass heads, it was a hassle to unscrew the top each time I had something to insert.  Enter...the cheese shakers with larger holes!  Almost everything will go in.  For traveling:  a small plastic box that pins originally came in.  I carry this in my Featherweight cleaning kit and collect used needles in classes.  

But now those containers are full.  Always remember that these are "sharps"--just like in hospitals, etc.  No one should have to take a chance of being poked.  So here is how I dealt with this situation this week.

I removed the labels from some old prescription bottles (which many people use to collect sharps in and then dispose of them in the same container).  And a cardboard box which I reinforced with duct tape--lots and lots of duct tape!  The needles and pins were transferred to the bottles and the box (I had lots).

Then I sealed all of the bottles and the box with duct tape.  I labeled each container and then put them in my recycling.  

Easy peasy, everyone safe...ahhh, a sigh of relief, and I have empty containers to start collecting again!  This was several years' worth.  In the glass containers they are pretty with the silver and the colored pin heads.  I try to keep a container wherever I sew; no excuses for stray pins and needles.

While you are blog reading, check out Becky Goldsmith's post on washing your fabrics here.  She said it so well that I am not going to repeat it.

That's all I know for tonight.  Please share any ways you have of disposing of used needles and pins--there might be a prize for the best suggestion!



  1. Hello there Miss Sharon - love the cheese shaker idea and not having to take the top off ! Hope all is well. Love from the West coast, Kathleen

  2. I do pretty much the same thing. They really need to be in a closed container like that.
    Pat B

  3. Thanks for sharing how to dispose the sharps we use from quilting safely. I also several containers that I put in sharps in around my sewing areas. A good practice for us to use.

  4. we have a jar under the kitchen sink for sewing pins and needles, as well as used needles (bent in half) from giving various injections to our goats.

  5. The dollar store here has plastic containers for toothpicks that I use for used pins. The holes are large enough and it has a closable lid so that they don't come back out. I also use old medicine bottles as they travel well. Have a great day! Pat in Brossard

  6. I use old prescription bottles for my pins and needles. I make a hole in the top. I also use one for my old rotary blades. (no hole).

  7. You can take the old bottles filled with pins and cover the caps to make pin cushions. How's that for way out recycling???? Pat B


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