Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Good Things Come...

to those who persevere!  Here are two ladies with proof!

Joanne finished Bliss Doubled recently.  The center is all hand pieced and appliqued.  Don't you love the border stripe!  Absolutely stunning, Joanne!

And Judy E (you can just see her lovely hair above the quilt) finished Monthly Bliss 3.  The blocks are all hand pieced.  Check out those points!  That's Karen H standing at the left--she's our "Quilt Vanna"!  Soft, serene, breathtaking...ahhhh, it's a beautiful quilt.  

I am so proud of these ladies.  Have pictures of your Sharon Stroud projects, flimsies or finished?  I'd love to share them here.  

Happy November!  Just regular rain today.


  1. Lovely job on your finished quilts, Joanne & Judy.

  2. To Joanne & Judy - - both breathtaking!!! Wow you guys!

  3. I am sooooo jealous - Pat B


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