Sunday, March 11, 2018

A long journey

I must admit that I thought I would be better long ago. But it is almost 100 days since coming to rehab. Mentally, I've been ready; physically not so much. I lost all use of my left side. My hand is slowly coming back and I can walk with a wheeled walker. Since it can take over a year for it all to come back, it's a waiting game. I am reading all the cards and comments, so keep them coming. I'll answer as soon as I get home.

Love and big hugs, and thanks,



  1. Hi Sharon! So sorry to hear of your struggles. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Margie

  2. I just left a comment on your website - it went like this - I am so sorry to hear about your stroke. Don't worry about anything, just concentrate, lovely lady, on getting better.
    Love you - Linda Mahoney

  3. I know it's a slow journey, but you have the prayers and good wishes of soooooo many people with you. There isn't a day that I don't think about you and send a little prayer and good wishes and all my love. Safe journey. Pat B

  4. Thinking and praying for you on your road back to recovery. =)

  5. As a nurse, I know what a long journey you have been on and will continue to have for a while. You have so many of us supporting you in every way every day. Know that I think of you every day and wish you good things in your life. You will bounce back because of how strong and motivated you are. Take care. We are with you!!


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