Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dodging A Bullet

After the stoke in November, a suspicious spot was accidentally found on a CAT scan.  At the time nothing could be done.  After waiting four months, yesterday was my appointment with a team of oncologists.  I was prepared for them to want a biopsy, and it was right behind the breastbone (not an easy place to get at). Imagine my surprise when the team suggested I leave it alone!  With no other symptoms, it may have been there since my birth, and it's a cyst not a tumor! I guess I was more worried than I thought about it and with four more months of hoping it wasn't growing, what a relief!  A little more on left hand every day, but no strength yet.  Little handwork yet. I'm hopeful every day.


  1. Sharon - oh my had that hanging all this time? I am so glad you've got good news on that score, but gees, go get a drink - you sure deserve it.!

  2. Glad to hear from you. Happy that your concern turned into a joy! :)

  3. So glad to hear the good news! What a relief.

  4. A little birdie told me that today is your birthday....Happiest of birthdays to you!!

  5. Happy to hear of your good news! If anyone can get back to handwork, it would be you! You are truly and inspiration. Sending Hugs and Blessings your way! Margie

  6. Sharon, I had no idea of all you have been going through. I am sorry that you had this unfortunate stroke, but am relieved to read that you are home and on the mend.
    I wish you a complete recovery, and am sending you much love.
    You are in my thoughts a lot ❤️

  7. Wonderful news!! I can't believe that was hanging all this time. Miss you so very much. Safe journeys always.
    Pat B

  8. Wonderful news! I am so happy to hear this! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  9. Hello, my friend! I miss you terribly and think about you often. Keep up the good've got this!

  10. Being told they found something is very frightening. My husband had a scan for some reason and they found something on/in his lung (of course the scan was for something else) so they said we will just do another scan in 6 months. At the time is was bothersome but truly we had more pressing health issues so forgot about it until they called for him to repeat the scan. This time it was worse as we didn't have any other pressing health issues worrying us just this lung spot.
    For my husband who is 75 they decided it doesn't matter what it is did not change in 6 months if it is something bad it is too slow to be worried about.
    It is just so yucky to hear you have a something
    Now your energy can go to getting muscle and movement coordination happening when your brain says move here NOW

  11. Dear Sharon,


    Carol R. and I have just been texting this evening, and I share here with you my text to her in regard to her comment about "returning to normal".

    I keep my fingers crossed and say a little pray that we will be able to return to our old “normal”. I look forward to the time when you, Sharon, and I can again enjoy a “First Tuesday” together. Chattering about everything and hopefully doing a bit of stitching as well! 😉

    Jay (and Jerry sends His Love as well)

    PS - Only 33 more class days (42 total work days until summer vacation). And YES, I AM COUNTING!

    PPS - Blogspot & the computer have been fighting with me. This is about my fifth or sixth attempt to post this comment. I crossing my fingers and toes that it finally works this time!

  12. Think of you often, Sharon, and the girls from the Endless Mountains Quilt Guild also remember you in their prayers and are waiting for the day when you can come back and teach us again! In the meantime, I wish you patience and healing!


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