Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!

This is a long post, so you may need to procure a liquid refreshment before starting (don't say I didn't warn you!).

First, I'm sure you remember to use one block per paper plate to keep things organized.  Yes, I cut all the gray background to go with the colored pieces.

 First block machine pieced and pressed.

Second top completed, no borders will be added.

First top done, with borders.  Out of gray now.

My first hand stitches in about 15 months!  I machine quilted a top I had pieced before the stroke and added binding.  My left hand does not hold the binding fabric back like before (hopefully soon) so the stitches are not hidden as well.  Did the best I could and moved on.  See two pictures down for front of piece.

A kit from Connecting Threads.  Fused (what the ??) wool on cotton.  Hand blanket stitched.  A gentle reminder--ALWAYS cut the background bigger, applique, then cut it to size!  I forgot, and the black raveled a lot, not leaving me enough room to bind. I chose to let the raveling work for me and machine appliqued the block to a bigger piece of black and raveled the edges.  I chose a red/white fabric for the back (looks like snow), stitched right sides together with Thermore, then turned it right side out and ladder stitched the opening.  A plus for Christmas 2019.  The pattern called for French knots, which I couldn't do, so I sewed on red/white beads instead!

 The finished quilt!  The first hand stitching so far.  At least it helps cue my hand!

Sorry the pictures are sort of out of order and not cropped.  Still typing with one hand.  Finished a third plus sign runner yesterday.  Presently reading about a neuroscientist who survived brain tumors and is telling her experiences.  I'm still here, working hard every day.  Able to walk with no aids inside, short quad cane outside.  

Thanks to all who left comments last post--greatly appreciated!

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  Yes, that is a new pouch from Hot4Handbags on the counter!  The front has a cute cut-out that looks just like Lynnie, my last boxer--I had to have it!

P.P.S.  For those who remember my adage "you may pin more than me, but never less" the ante has now been raised!  I pin much more now.  Who knew?


  1. Happy Valentine's Day. Thank you for sharing your pictures and update. You are amazing!

  2. It must give you great joy to be able to start stitching again. Blessings.

  3. Hi Sharon - It's good ol' anonymous here! LOL
    I loved the pictures. Love the colors in the table runner. So glad to see you "back to work." You're in my prayers everyday. Can't wait for my way overdue hug.
    Hugs and much much love.
    Safe journeys always

  4. Happy Valentine's Day-after! It is so good to see you back to quilting; gosh I miss you. I'm still recovering from my pelvic fractures - past the walker, ready to stop using the cane. just have to work on not being afraid of ice outside. Eye check in a week, hoping the med I'm on has slowed up the deterioration. You are an inspiration for me. Keep going. Love you.

  5. Sharon, Happy Valentine's Day! You are making wonderful progress!

  6. Hi Sharon, It was such a great surprise to see a post from you today. I think of you every time I do any quilting. So miss our classes with you. It is so great to see your progress. Hope to see you soon. Love, Rose

  7. I'm so happy for you! You can quilt again. I admire your tenacity. I, too, have read the book you are currently reading. I found it interesting and hopeful. You are a true fighter. Good for you! You are a true inspiration. 😘

  8. Oh Sharon, I am so thrilled to hear of your continued progression. Congratulations, you have fought so hard to get to this point. Your determination is inspiring. I love the quilt! Looking forward to your next entry and hearing what else you're up to..blessings to you my dear quilting friend. Linda

  9. You amaze me! I was thinking of you the other day when I was texting to decide on a project and realized that I really wanted to do needle turn!!!! Maybe we'll get to see together sooner rather than later....I miss you.

  10. Hi Sharon! I am so glad you are stitching again! You are such an inspiration. Keep it up Girlfriend! Margie

  11. Hello there, friend. You left a comment on my blog - it was SO nice to see it there, made me smile a HUGE smile ! Keep going, girl, you are doing fantastic.


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