Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here I am A-blogging!

After the holidays, the days just seem out of synch. I always think it's a different day than it really is, which can be dangerous! One of my favorite quotes is "Warning, dates on the calendar are closer than they appear!"

As you know, I made several knitted items as gifts this year and I have made several chemo hats to be given away as well. In racking my brain for the best way to let the recipients know how best to care for their knitted item, I came up with this idea. I made tassels from the left-over yarn and attached an oval made from cardstock that includes the care instructions. These "care tags" can be hung in the laundry area as a reminder! I'm sure there are little fabric tags that can be sewn inside the items, but I hate them! They are usually the very first thing to be removed and tossed--or, if I keep them, they get lost. I'm pretty proud of my plan--I don't know how it will work in reality--but I did my part.

This blue hat was a gift to a friend. We celebrated with lunch at a family restaurant. When she put the hat on, a little girl at another table piped up and told her how cute the hat looked on her! That made everyone's day!

We are having ice storms and high winds here. And the snowplow hit my mailbox again. The third time in less than two years! Needless to say, I am not amused. They even broke the pole holding my American flag on top of the post. There is absolutely no way they can say they cannot see the mailbox and it has been in the same place for over 30 years! It makes me want to put up an old rusty pipe with a beat-up metal box--those they never seem to hit. Okay, enough ranting--but really!!!!!

Here's a picture of the ash tree outside my sewing room window. The sun hit the snow/ice on the tips and made them shine.

Many thanks to all of you who have been commenting on the blogs. And for the many kind words. They are greatly appreciated. If you want a really good laugh, check out the Yarn Harlot blog--they were installing a new washer and the stories (days' worth) are too funny. You, too, will mourn the passing of Sir Washie.
Til next time, stay warm and safe and send good vibes out into the world.


  1. Dear Sharon,
    Your label idea is fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing! I never know what to do about washing instructions when I give away a hand-knit item. I usually just include the ball band from the yarn - which is so tacky.

    There's no excuse for the snow plow damage to your mailbox. I hope they will come back and fix it!

    Hope you are staying warm and not traveling too much right now!


  2. Hi Sharon--those hats look like they would keep one warm--are they knitted and do you share the pattern?? Maybe you should start offering hot coffee to the snow plow guys--then maybe they will be kinder to your mail box???? ( Just a thought!!) How does Lenny like the snow and ice?? the picture of the tree is sooo pretty thanks for sharing it!


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