Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Productive Day

It seems like it is harder and harder to find larger blocks of time to accomplish anything--even quilting. But today I spent almost all day in my sewing rooms and did the machine part of binding and sleeves on five (yes, 5) wallhangings. I am very excited! The hand part I can do in found bits of time, but it takes so long to find the right color threads, wind bobbins, blah, blah, blah when doing the machine part.

I have also designed a new project--more info on that as it becomes available. It will combine hand piecing and hand applique--and I will, of course, hand quilt mine! I will really be "speaking to the hand"! LOL several times on that one--I know you want to. Okay, so many of you are groaning--what can I say!

Lots of snow here, but I was able to diagnose the problem with my snowblower--the key (stupid plastic thing) jarred loose after 10 years of use. I mean really! So I have that wired in place now so it can't escape when I am at the far reaches of the drive. (It has electric start, but my extension cord will not reach that far--so I have to drag it back toward the house each time it quits. Great for upper body strength--not so great for the disposition.)

There should be photos in the next post. But I could feel the rumblings of "when is she going to post again?" and I am trying to forestall that.

I know I've said this before, but as the new year begins and people are more stressed than ever, with so many good reasons, I think it bears repeating:

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle.

It costs nothing to smile and to say a kind word. I am going to try really hard to be a blessing to others this year--will you join me?


  1. You have been and continue to be a blessing to all of us who have the good fortune to know you. Happy New Year! With lots of love and big hugs, Jay and Jerry

  2. Rumblings? Rumblings did you say???? Alas, our yearning and teathered excitement to know more about Miss Sharon's exciting adventures and upcoming projects of brillance is lumped together and labeled as mere RUMBLINGS??? sigh...hangs head....thumps forehead on table... Yeah, ok so we are a rowdy bunch of quilters and we want to know! Enquiring stitchers want to know!!! LOL

    On a serious note, yes I can be, Sharon your abilities and humor are beyond a blessing. To be able to come to any of your classes and have a wonderful laugh while learning something fun and worthwhile, is truly a blessing. I only "annoy" people that I enjoy being with and whom I really feel comfortable around. Sorry to say, but your one of THOSE people and I hope you continue on as the blessing you are =))))


  3. Thank you for the reminder to be kinder to others. No one knows what others bear in their hearts.
    Happy New Year,
    Nancy A

  4. OH MY--a new project with hand stitching and applique together---those are "sweet-magical" words to my soul and something really neat to look forward to--how soon before you release this "goodie" to us??????


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