Thursday, February 19, 2009

Greetings and Felicitations

In other words--hi, howdy, w'as up--you get the idea! This will be a short post to let you know I am alive, to be followed in a couple days with pictures and more stories.

Have you ever thought about how some words and phrases sound really cool? Like "colored pencils", "paperclips", "newspaper clipping". I found the name Calpurnia in a book recently. Or Declan Fitzgerald (from a Nora Roberts' novel). One of my favorite yarns is Dream in Color "Smooshy".

I recently heard (again) that children laugh over 200 times per day, but adults only laugh about 4 times per day. Come on, fellow carbon-based units, we need to yuk it up more! And I mean lots! It's good for our health, our sanity (or what we have left of it), and it just makes us feel good. I don't mean those little smirks--I mean belly laughs that make you gasp for air and grab your aching sides. Make people wonder what's so funny--but don't necessarily tell them--that makes you laugh even harder! (Okay, that's a bit mean, but it could be so, so much worse!)

After I left the post about Patrick Swayze (still hubba hubba!), mkmouse said we should have classes and play Dirty Dancing during them--a mighty fine idea if there is no rotary cutting going on and if students don't mind paying the class fee to see a movie! It is, after all, (did I already say this?) PATRICK SWAYZE!! ;-)

If you are looking for a good movie that husbands/significant others would also like, try Black Dog. It's a double hubba for me--Patrick Swayze AND Randy Travis! And Randy sings and both guys look great from any angle! There are big rig chases and lots of action to keep the guys interested. Me, I love the movie, because my husband used to drive tractor trailer and I used to go with him. Takes me back a few years. Okay, it's not a chick flick per se, but... (okay, I won't say it again...but you know what I'm thinking!).

Nights in Rodanthe just came out on DVD last week--one of the few movies I've actually seen at the theatre. I cried in all the same places, but much louder since only Lynnie and Callie were here to hear me. I did try to muffle my sobs in the theatre.

Okay, one more blah, blah and then it's good night (or actually, good morning). With the switch to DTv and its technical aspects, I finally broke down and bought a new flat screen TV. The old one was made (and bought new) in 1990. Most of the push buttons had fallen off years ago and we used a pencil or screwdriver to change channels. The new one even has a remote! I also invested in a VCR/DVD recorder--I'm still trying to attach that to the TV and make it work. At the moment, new TV is attached to old VCR. I think I am missing an S-video cable to complete the package. Or perhaps not. I will enter the digital age--but without much grace or wisdom!

OK...enough of this falderal and fiddlededee. Did you remember to do something nice for someone today? And for yourself? Did you randomly smile at someone just because you could? Go ahead...make someone's day! (Clint would be proud!)

Hugs to all...and to all a good night (or good morning),

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  1. Hi Sharon--yep--I am still around--think i am finely feeling alittle better--been a rough Jan and Feb for me--but have been playing on this blogsville alittle--so check out this new blog site:quiltingis Diane Ps I like Kevin Costner--Yummmmy!!


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