Friday, February 6, 2009


Red alert! Red alert! I just got the 20th Anniversary Edition of Dirty Dancing! And there is a deleted scene that is worth the price of the DVD, even if you have an earlier version! (Yes, I admit I have the 10th Anniversary Edition, too!) I'm not going to spoil it for you--just let me say: Hubba Hubba!

Okay, I think my heart rate is almost back to normal. But, I mean, really...Patrick Swayze!!!

And, as usual, I have to go to the Blog-fessional and admit that it has been (gasp!) 11 days since my last post. Sorry--life has happened. While tonight's blog is short, I promise some good stuff coming in the next day or so. A "What the..." and some new pics and....

Keep good thoughts in your hearts. Til next time!



  1. The twenty year edition you say? Hmmmmmm, I don't think he's aged particularly well, but I must have watched DD a zillion times! Might have to saunter out to the movie store and buy this one!
    Lurking Linda

  2. OH my... has it been that long??? Yikes! I love that movie and felt so awful when I heard about his Pancreatic cancer. Despite his battle, I did see he was acting again and doing better. He and his wife have a great marriage from the sounds of it and she has been very supportive of him which it wonderful. God bless the both f them, although it sounds as though He already has =))

    Waiting with anticipation for the latest updates....and pictures...and tidbits....and projects.....


  3. i think this calls for a DD class of some sort and you can play the movie while we sew. Wait, that might not work so well. Nevermind...



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