Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Proud Moments

Over the past several days, I have been so pleased to see projects finished or the tops done from several classes. Here are a few pictures.

First is a completely hand-pieced Mariner's Compass done by Sue S. She machine embroidered Bible verses in the four corners, as well as the compass points. It is absolutely amazing! Well done, Sue!

Next is the Monthly Bliss 2 hand-piecing sampler done by Lori M. She had a black, white and red quilt for MB1 and decided she wanted more color last year. It is beautiful--always remember that the poor photos are strictly my fault. It was wonderful to see you and your wonderful quilt, Lori!

I have been busy with lots of classes the last few weeks. And scheduling even more for the summer months. I will be updating my website in the next few days to reflect those changes.

Another author you should read is Sandra Dallas--she has not written a single book I haven't loved.

Here are a couple nature photos for your amusement. First is photo of fungus growing from a tree stump. It is so intricate!

And there is a pair of cardinals who have been visiting me -- or rather the trees in my backyard. What a treat to see the vibrant red! I have columbine in blossom, bleeding heart, narcissus, lily of the valley and lilacs. The air is redolent with scent of the lilacs, especially when the weather is a bit warmer (we are expecting frost again tonight).

Remember how special you are and spread some joy around.

In God we trust!


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