Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pennsylvania Dreaming

On April 21 I drove to Monaca, Pennsylvania, to teach and lecture at the Beaver Valley Piecemakers Quilt Guild. I had been there many years ago (we think it was at least 8 years ago!) and it was good to see so many familiar faces. On Wednesday, I taught over 20 women how to applique my Lily of the Valley block--it was great fun and they learned to make 1/8 inch stems, appli-pieced leaves and so much more.

That night I did my "Hot Stuff" trunk show, which features chile pepper quilts and lots of other quilts both pieced and appliqued. It was good to see Maxine, the lady I stayed with on my previous trips. She is just delightful!

On my way out of the church after the trunk show, I had a chance to walk to this small park in Beaver. The statue was very beautiful--the pictures do not do it justice. There are always so many cool things to do and see in any area, but I'm working--so night pictures are what you get from this trip!

On Thursday, Hand Quilting Sharon's Way was the order of the day and over 22 women learned to quilt without poking their underneath finger and with no hoop or frame. No it is not stab stitch! As a former student said: "It changed my life!" She and another student had both won awards on quilts they had hand quilted with my method! You can't ask for anything better than that!

It was a wonderful trip. Thanks, Linda, for booking me, and many thanks to all who made the trip such a success.

If you haven't read the comments about the dual bathtubs on the last post, take a peek. They are too funny and as good an explanation as I have found. Unless the "enhanced" parts now don't leave room for the second person in the same tub! (I can't believe you said that, Callie--no more catnip for you--bad kitty!)

Til tomorrow--when more astounding things will be forthcoming to amuse and/or bemuse you, dear readers.


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  1. Annoying.. version 2.0May 8, 2009 at 7:37 PM

    Well, as Bill Engvall of Blue Collar Comedy Tour so eloquently put it, "If things do go awry, at least the paramedics with have a "handle" to carry me out with...."

    Everytime I see one of "those ads" I laugh and laugh... I can just picture, well you know.....LOL


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