Monday, September 13, 2010

Using the Newly-Acquired Stash, Part 3

Sometimes the most obvious solution is staring you in the face and you just don't see it. I had purchased the larger chicken print for a border for this piece. Unfortunately, the print was way too big for the size border I had anticipated using. MONTHS later...I realized I could set the block on point and use the chicken print as the corners! Voila!!!!! The black print (newly-acquired) has a swirly, feathery design to frame the center.

Here's a close-up. See the chicks on the background? And the chicken feet on the yellow? And see how the design sort of resembles chicken feet? (That was not intentional.) Too funny!

The piece's name, you ask? Chicken Scratch!!!! (The original design was done in red on a yellowish background and looked much different. It wasn't until I had the center block done that I realized the corners do resemble chicken feet. And the even funnier part of the story? I had the chick and the feet fabric in my stash and simply pulled them out when I needed to start a piece for a class sample! Serendipity!)

Here's a look at the fabric for the back--also a newly-acquired piece (Timeless Treasures). So you see, most of the fabric I bought in August was to finish things! More surprises to come!

Lynnie said she hadn't been on the blog in quite some time. She posed very nicely a couple days ago, and I promised I'd make sure she was included.
Other than that, it's been a paperwork day, although I did do a bit of hand stitching on a binding late last night.


P.S. A new saying from Daisy Sour Cream: "A kind word can be as refreshing as a spring shower."

P.P.S. I just updated my website: Just the Facts, Workshops/Lectures, and, most importantly, Schedule, in case any of you live close enough to get here for a class! I hope you can join me!

P.P.P.S. I think AQS is going to discontinue my book on CD (Dresden Plates of Distinction), so if you are interested go to their site ( and I think it is only about $10! Going, going....

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  1. I love that new center design---so cute--wanna do one too!!! Hey--and I even have some great chicken fabrics in my stash for the corners!!!!
    Hugs, Di


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