Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hand Quilting To Go Bag

Still apparently under a dark cloud, it has taken me two days to download these pictures. Suffice it to say, yada, yada, yada...moving on.

I'm sure you are surprised to know that I have a separate hand quilting to go bag! I use somewhat different tools and have designated this lovely Vera Bradley Bitty Betsy bag for those. It has a lovely fob, with a flamingo--no, Jay, you can't have it!

This bag holds a ton of stuff. (But my wallet won't fit in it! Go figure!)

Here's what we have: Starting at the 12:00 position and working in no particular order from there: A needle keeper with chile pepper fabrics (a gift), another(!) pair of Elan scissors with a point protector, another used needle holder, two pencil sharpeners (one blue, one pink), two spools of Mettler 40 wt. thread, a relatively inexpensive thimble (in case I don't have my TJ Lane one on me), a Clover white chacoliner, a dime (I have a frequently used stencil that needs a dime for the center circle), a Hera marker, a 1 x 6 inch ruler, Richard Hemming Betweens size 10 in a Roxanne's glass container, a hand needle threader, a container with sharpened markers in it (more on this below), and the Clover White Marking Pen. My 1/4 inch masking tape is usually also included, but mine had gotten too sticky and made a quick trip to the trash bin.

By keeping all these tools assembled in this tote, I can pick a project, chose the appropriate thread colors, put it all in a bigger tote and be out the door. I've found that hand quilting is the perfect portable project because there is nothing to fall off, pins to migrate, etc. You know that as soon as you get an applique or hand piecing project set up on your lap, your name is called. And you know that no matter how long you have waited, you need to move now or they will call the next person. With hand quilting, I simply park my needle, throw everything in my tote and am across the room before they can call my name again!

I don't know about you, but I have a strange aversion to having my markers write on the inside of my bags--it's probably a personal problem, but just in case any of you are like-minded, let me explain the solution. I had an empty container that soapstone refills came in. It has a folded piece of paper to keep the soapstone sticks from crashing into each other and breaking. So, I took silver and white Verithin pencils, plus two soapstone sticks, sharpened them and then placed them in the container. The lid keeps everything secure--and there is no unauthorized marking of the inside of my bags. If you don't have a container like this--use a toothbrush holder! It works great and comes in wonderful, fun colors.

So there you have it. Of course, you could just put the markers and tools from the hand quilting to go bag in your hand piecing to go bag. But then you have to dig for the right stuff and it's not nearly so much fun as buying enough stuff for another to go bag! So here's a recap--one set for home, one set for hand piecing on the go, and yet another set for hand quilting on the go! (I've saved the best for last--soon you will see my industrial to go container--too much stuff for a bag!)

And here's another hint--for you--you know who you are! The top is done, but I have to get more backing--can you believe I found the perfect fabric--and didn't get enough! That's what happens when you buy before you know how big something is going to be! (This hint is significantly larger than life!)

Okay, enough for now. Winner(s) will be posted tomorrow. (I bet you thought I'd forgotten!)


P.S. I am listening to The Professional and Painted Ladies by Robert B. Parker.

P.P.S. Remember that you can find a more detailed post about the markers I use in the January section.

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  1. I am surprised to see no "Thread Heaven". Don't you use it when you hand quilt? I know you have plenty in your stash! Love that story! See you soon. March is around the corner.


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