Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There's Hope

After one of the last big storms, snow was actually stuck to the window in my sewing room--and it was heavy enough that it slid down the pane and made "puckers".

Here you can just see through the snow--see the spruce trees and the red birdhouse?

But today I heard my first Phoebe, saw a pair of house finches looking at a nesting site, AND saw my first flock of robins! I think it's still a bit early to hope for the peepers, but there are signs that spring might actually get here. But I guess not this week--Thursday night they are predicting yet more snow, sleet and rain. I'm trying very hard to remember that it is only February--but this winter seems absolutely endless.

I've been doing a bit of applique today and finished one sock and started its mate. I'm listening to "The Emperor's Tomb" by Steve Berry.

We'll get back to the to-go bags soon. I still have my industrial sized one and my hand quilting one to share. Yes, I'm afraid that does mean you may actually need a THIRD set of some of those wonderful tools. Stay tuned!



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  1. Robins? Really!?? Oh that is a sign of spring for sure!! Can't wait to see my first one here in Northern NY!! Yep, we are expecting 6-10" of wet snow tonight and through tomorrow:( Makes for a good quilting day!!


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