Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1--No Fooling!

Are any of you suffering a time warp? How can it possibly be April 1? Isn't it harder to believe when spring never seems to get here? The lilacs and maple trees are just waiting for a really warm day to burst forth with leaves. It's like they are holding their breath in anticipation.

It's been a really good day here--a lot of basting (quilt sandwiches for a class), good friends, horses (it was like herding cats!), and a spot of knitting. Hopefully I can remember to get a picture of my ever-increasing sweater soon. I am almost to the end of the increases! I just love the yarn.

Hope none of you were seriously fooled by anyone/anything today. I'm always glad when I can escape unscathed!

More tomorrow! Happy Saturday, everyone!


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  1. Happy Saturday to you too Sharon!


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