Monday, April 25, 2011

A Brief Rant

Okay, I'm annoyed enough to need to vent again!

First, there is a commercial for cinnamon rolls--the lady is making 5 rolls--for 6 people! And none are being cut in half for the kids! What gives with that?

Then there is the toothpaste commercial where the spokesperson does not seem to realize that there are two Ts in dentist. She pronounces it "denist".

Can we say "too loud" when we can hear the music coming from earbuds on a pizza roll commercial?

Something I'm grateful for? That the yogurt commercial with a "supermodel" is no longer being aired. Could that have been more disgusting? And we wonder why kids act the way they do.

I do love the new Fancy Feast commercials with the white kitten! And the new show "Mike and Molly". "Blue Bloods". And that guilty pleasure "Glee".

That's it for this Monday evening.


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  1. HI there, We all need a good rant every now and again. And you're just as entitled as anyone. I love the picture of the horses. That's very cool. WOW! Two posts in one day. That's a good thing. Hugs, Jay


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