Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Mighty Queens of Mitering

Ten months and many hours of hand applique later...these lovely ladies are setting their tops.  Today they learned to miter by using an attic windows set to frame their blocks.  You can see quite a variety of the blocks represented and the stunning color selections they made.

Here we have Beth, Judy (who looks like she is wearing the Statue of Liberty crown!), Judy E, and Rose, and seated, Gale and Addy.  

And Rose (again!), Karen, Kathy and Susan.  And Addy (again!).  Kathy had the biggest grin ever--she is so proud of being able to miter accurately and easily.  I bet she grins in her sleep tonight!  Addy is grinning because she is finally breathing again....

Two of our ladies were absent but I will share their blocks/quilts when they are ready, as well as the finished tops from these ladies.  This was such a fun class--these ladies made it so special.  

I have been properly chastised about my lack of blog posts, so I will try to do better.  Believe it or not, this post took me over an hour by the time I downloaded and changed the pictures, downloaded them to the blog and wrote this.  Mostly wait time for downloading.  Blah, blah, blah...and a boohoo for me.  Okay, I'm better now!

Blissful hugs, my friends,

P.S.  I am listening to four Iris Johansen books in a row--and I'm up to the last one.  They are Chasing the Night, Eve, Quinn and Bonnie.  Each has ended with quite a cliffhanger, so I am glad to be doing them one after another...and hoping the last one is not another cliffhanger!

Stay cool!  

P.P.S.  After classes are over, I realize I should have taken pictures.  That's why there are no pictures from the hand quilting classes in Canada, nor for most of my classes.  My only defense?  I can take pictures or I can teach--obviously I cannot do both very often.  

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    I have read all the Iris Johansen books and love them. She has two new ones out now that I can't wait to get and a third one out in July!!
    As for pictures, as a student in your hand quilting class I should have thought to bring a camera but I didn't. Lesson learned bring your camera!

    Happy quilting!

    Your quilting friend from Montreal.



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