Monday, November 26, 2012

Many Words...No Pictures

The decision was made to forego the pictures tonight or there still would not be a post.  It's not that I'm not working on things (I am) but just no progress worth pictures.  Outside things look drab and brown, sometimes with a touch or two of white.  Not being overly fond of browns (no offense to you brown lovers out there), I am still surprised at how much I love Peewee.  I need to find the perfect backing fabric and get it basted and quilted.  Right after I finish quilting and binding the skull hexagon quilt, and make a wedding quilt for a couple who just celebrated their first anniversary, and finish...finish...finish.  Oh, my.

On an unrelated note, have you heard "That's Why I Pray" by Big & Rich, from their Hillbilly Jedi album?  I love the video that goes with it and just downloaded the song to my Kindle.  What?  I didn't tell you I have a Kindle?  Yes, a Kindle Fire HD.  And a gift, no less!  If it's even possible, I am reading more.  I carry it with me everywhere and read even for a minute or two when I am waiting somewhere.  It is so majorly cool!  Tons of free books to download, plus you can download samples of books to see if you like them before purchasing (obviously not for the free ones!).  I don't mind not turning real pages and I can read even in a power outage.  I can recharge the battery in the car!

Okay, back to Big & Rich.  LOVE this song, know almost all the words already and the message keeps running through my mind.  It is so much a message for today's world.  Check it out.

Did everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving?  Ours was small but great.  I remember when we had almost twenty people around the table, the kids sat in the kitchen and the men all went hunting before dawn, coming in just in time for lunch.  So many people absent--but not forgotten.  With families spread across the globe, it is harder to get everyone together.  Think what it must have been like in our grandparents' time--when families often were in the same town and getting together wasn't like marshaling the troops.  I wonder what young people in our time will remember when they are older?

Are you all asleep yet?  If so, I will market this post as a cure for insomnia!

Blissful hugs to all,

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