Sunday, December 2, 2012


The Jack Reacher books by Lee Child are some of the best I've ever listened to.  When I heard there would be a movie based on one of the books, I was thrilled.  Then I heard that Tom Cruise would be the lead and I was puzzled.  Something felt not quite right.

This morning when I started Running Blind, the newest installment, I realized why.  Jack Reacher in the books is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 220 pounds.  Big, intimidating--does not easily blend into a crowd.  Can we just say so definitely NOT Tom Cruise?

Will I go see the movie?  No.  Will I continue to listen to every Jack Reacher book written?  Absolutely.

And in case you forgot, my masthead is truly truth in advertising--opinionated, indeed.

Blissful Sunday hugs,


  1. I thought the exact same thing, Tom Cruise is too small and pretty to be Reacher. But the trailer looks good....maybe if you think of Tom's character as "Jack Kreecher", you can see the movie!

  2. My husband and I read some of those books and had the same reaction. Bad casting!


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