Monday, March 11, 2013

Sugar, Sugar

ahhhh, honey, honey!  A blast from the past to be sure, but this line of Tonga Batiks is just as sweet as can be.  The line is Timeless Treasures Sugar.  Feast your eyes:

Thirty glorious bolts.

Close-ups of the colors and patterns.

 Look at the vines on the last bolt to the right above.

There's even a soft gray.  And check out the multi-colored bolts--great for borders!

Fat quarters and halves waiting for eager hands to touch them.

And the best part?  You can have them now!  Pucky Huddle Delight in Candor, NY, is the first quilt shop on at least the east coast to have these lovelies!  Don't live near Candor?  No problem!  Email and they can be delivered directly to your door.  Julie says she can get about 5 yards worth of fabric in the smallest flat rate mailer.  

A note from me:  PLEASE do not email asking for some of the third fabric from the right on the second picture.  These fabrics will have been moved more times than we can count by the time this even reaches you.  The best thing to do?  Visit and search for Sugar.  There you will find all these fabrics with their color numbers.  Easy peasy.  And while you are there, be sure to download the free pattern made especially for all 30 Sugar fabrics.

Did this sound kind of like a commercial?  I guess probably, but, geez, who else would enable you to get your hands on these so soon!  I've personally touched them all.  So come on in, this fabric is fine!

Blissful hugs to all,

P.S.  Many thanks to all who commented on Lynnie.  It helped a lot.


  1. Those look gorgeous! I'm jealous that you got to handle them. I am definitely going to look those up right now!

  2. Hi Sharon, They truly are beautiful! After you told me about them last week Tuesday, I went directly to Pucky Huddle after work on Wednesday. I just had to get a half yard cut of all of them. And then once I opened them up and looked at them at home Wednesday night, well I ended up going back Thursday after work to get some additional yardage of a select few. It's an illness, I know. But I'm sure there are worse things in the world. (wink and a grin) Big Hugs, Jay


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