Monday, April 1, 2013

A Finish for Me--No Kidding!

On March 16, I bought fabric.  On March 24, I started.  On April 1, I finished!  That fabric hardly had time to age!

The blocks were cut with the Creative Grids Whirligig Template that I had used for a table runner before.  I cut all the blocks to same--no mirror imaging for this one, and machine pieced them.  Then I laid them out.

Layout 1:  Green to the center

Layout 2:  Yellow to the center
 I chose layout 2 so that my Reiki bowl would have green surrounding it.  Finished the top, basted and started hand quilting.  Here's the quilting started.  I used a variegated green thread and different sized circles randomly placed.

I finished the quilting this morning and auditioned for binding.  I like the stripe, but would make straight seams, not diagonal, to join the strips if I did this again.  Wavy stripes are hard to match :-(

Here's the finished front.

And the finished back--surprise, right?  I just loved this print and used it here.  The backing is Painted Ponies by Studio E; the top fabrics and binding are Twirl by Moda.

My divine (no pun intended) Reiki bowl, given to me by a close friend (you know who you are!).  (To be clear, it was not a Reiki bowl until I dedicated it as such.)  It fits perfectly on the new runner and makes a pleasing presentation.  And it makes me smile whenever I see it--so happy and cheerful-looking.

And Dickens had to get in the middle of things.  He declined to comment.

I also finished quilting a small piece that was started numerous years ago and have been prepping for classes this week.  

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  Remember those great pins I showed a few posts back?  Clover 2520?  O'Susannah's Quilts in Watkins Glen, NY,  has them in stock and is willing to mail them out to anyone interested.  Give them a call at 607-535-6550 to find out more or stop in to see the pins and the shop in person.  

P.P.S.  I'm listening to Private Berlin by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan.  Definitely not for the squeamish.

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