Friday, April 26, 2013

It Was Close...

But I am alive.  There should have been lots of sighting reports--I was in public more than usual!  Just super busy and sometimes too tired to deal with dial-up.  

I've been to two guilds:  Lake to Lake Quilt Guild in Gorham, NY, and Snow Country Quilt Guild near Utica, NY.  I had a wonderful time with members from both guilds; thank you, Ladies, for the great hospitality! 

 High winds resulted in white caps on this lake during one of those trips.

I've also done lots of classes locally and spent a little lot of time fondling fabrics at an LQS.  Great fun to see the new stuff when it's coming out of the shipping boxes!  Self-control, you ask?  Highly overrated!

Spent some quality time horsing around and even got my Level II Reiki certificate.  And today?  I had a red fox circle the house this morning--it looked like it had been hurt and was a bit dazed.  I did not run out into the yard, but was so stunned that I didn't get a picture!  It was NOT rabid--it was close enough to the windows to see that; just a hind leg injury.  And he/she was red!  Not an everyday sight to be sure.

In my travels I've seen five albino deer, lots of turkeys, hawks, the first Great Blue Heron of the year, families of flickers in my yard, swallows and lots of robins, sparrows and finches.  And I swear I can see the grass growing!

Hope everyone is well.  Did you remember how special you all are?

More...sooner!  I promise.

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  I just finished Zoo by James Patterson; strangely compelling but creepy too.  Now I'm doing Low Pressure by Sandra Brown.  And I've been finishing some stuff in the quilting line.

P.P.S.  Janet:  Thanks for checking!


  1. Wow! No wonder you hadn't blogged in a while. What amazing sightings you have had - a red fox, albino deer! Congratulations on your certificate!!

  2. I'm glad you're okay, and busy! Some day maybe I can tell you some of Russ' heron jokes. On the other hand, that might keep you away from blogging forever!


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