Friday, May 31, 2013

Major Changes

You may remember an earlier post about my spruce tree falling down and my brother helping it back up.  We decided that it needed more support, so my brother put in the bird house (post set in concrete), with the intent that we would band the tree to the post when it set.  Remember the best laid plans?  Well, while the concrete was setting, the tree fell down again.  It was a painful decision because it was slowly dying from the bottom up.  What to do?  The neighbors who own the land directly behind me kind of made the decision for me.  They were having the field plowed and planted and offered to have the tree shoved into the hedgerow.  I said yes, and was not home when it happened.  In this pic you can also see the other volunteer trees and bushes that have grown up over the years.

Here's the view today.  The brush and small trees were removed, the field was planted and the corn is up.  The bird house looks a little lonely for now, but I'm deciding what to do next.

It's been about 20 years since this field was planted.  It looks so big and open now.  The good news?  I've seen three turkeys taking strolls there.  Before, the grass was high enough to hide them.

And the Casket Company Brewery is gearing up for another year.  The vines are already over a foot above the lattice.  I swear you can stand and watch these vines grow.  There are also two climbing rose bushes in the middle.  Luckily they are hearty and will stake their claim to part of the lattice.

End of May.  How did that happen?

Blissful hugs,

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