Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random Tuesday

It was a hot and steamy day--like many others recently--when I arrived at the LQS.  Ahhhh, air conditioning.  Tons of new fabrics--so much to look at--batiks, novelties, the sale aisle, blenders, Christmas, Halloween, fall.   RRRRRRRKKKKKK...what did you say?   Yes, the new Christmas fabrics are in, and the fall stuff, and some of the Halloween.  Let's face it, folks, if you want something to hang for the fall, or are working on Christmas gifts, you better be starting now.  Or you can be like me--wait until just before I need it and then panic when all the really good fabric selection has been purchased by quilters who are better planners--or at least better hoarders--than I am.  (I use the term "hoarders" with the greatest respect--at any time of year, those people will have access to fabric for any birthday, holiday or other gift-giving occasion you can name.  And probably in yardage, not just in fat quarters.  And they are the ones who will have that piece you need juuussssstttt a bit more of to finish a project you started years ago.  God bless the "hoarders"!)

Did you know that if you have enough fabric in your house, especially along the outer walls, that it acts as insulation?  And much better looking than the stuff inside your walls (maybe that's why it's inside).  So, while your fabric is properly aging, it's serving another purpose.

So, there you have it--written permission to buy more fabric.  Go ahead, you  know you want to!  (I did my share to boost the local economy!)

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  Remember the contest taking place on the last post (here).  Rules, deadline, and details are there.  You must leave your contest guesses on that post, not here.

P.P.S.  It wasn't that long ago that I was buying yardage of all fabrics I wanted.  (Yes, I too was a hoarder.)  I'm not sure how many steps there are to break that addiction...it seems so harmless at first...just a fat quarter or two...what?  that's on sale?  Give me the rest of the bolt....

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