Saturday, August 23, 2014

Retreat 2014 - Part 1

A funny story and some scenes from retreat 2014 in Lake George, New York.

Each summer, we have made it a tradition to run to the porch of my classroom (pic below) and wave as the Minne-ha-ha goes by.  Our goal is to get the passengers to wave--we have mixed results at best.  This year, five of my students decided to ride the Minne-ha-ha to see the lake from the lake instead of from shore.  We knew approximately what time the boat would be going by the dock at retreat, and those of us left on shore eagerly awaited the arrival of the Minne-ha-ha.  Our most shy and retiring quilter, TL, decided that they should all sit on the upper deck.  She also asked the captain to get as close to camp as possible.  When he asked why, she said that her teacher was on shore.  He asked what her name was.  TL told him--and...he announced over the PA system "Hello, Sharon Stroud"!  Can you just imagine!  Needless to say, all five of the quilters were waving wildly and they inspired the other tourists to do likewise!  The most waves we've every gotten!

Here's a pic of the top deck.  Counting from the right, the first five people are quilters!  The other side of the picture, top row, the enthusiastic tourists!  Too funny!

A close-up of the happy quilting castaways!  You ladies make me laugh!

Now, some random pictures I took that I wanted to share.  First, a piece of branch being used as a handrail on a path.  Isn't the texture interesting?  The white is a bit of fungus, I think.

We were lucky enough to get a private boat ride on Sunday morning.  Joe told us about rogue waves and we saw one.  No one can explain them, they just occur and are quite large.

The shore line coming into the boat house.  Just lovely.

Remember my classroom?  Here it is!  The lake runs under it!  And the water is so clear.  And that's the deck/porch we wave from!

And, to end this post, lake, rolling mountains, lofty clouds.  What a treat!

Next post I will show you the project we did at retreat and how the students interpreted it.

Blissful hugs,


  1. Thank you for sharing those pictures, especially the last one! I really missed seeing that view this year! Can't wait to see the projects!

  2. ,,,,and just fyi my project is FINISHED and ready for quilting!!!! It was a great time.....thank you!!

  3. Lovely Sharon... What a special time. Thanks for Sharing.


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