Friday, June 9, 2017

Another Finish

Two-inch tall thimbles/tumblers with a wintry feel--and another striped binding.  Hand pieced and machine quilted.

And the back.  Because the front reads as "directional", I added a sleeve to hang it.  And the backing is definitely directional!  (And, yes, Virginia, it is signed on the back--decided against a separate label this time.)

Here are those fabulous Phoebes!  About two days before they fledged.  Four in that tiny nest, right outside my side door!

Thanks for reading!  More finishes on the way!

Blissful hugs,


  1. Beautiful! I really like the striped binding!

  2. Phoebe baby birds are adorable. We have a chickadee family build a nest in the little house by our side porch. We've had to duck due to the 'fly zone' from nest to back yard where they have vpbeen gathering worms.

  3. The Christmas tumbler wall hanging came out nice. I love the picture of the birds. Thanks for sharing both!

  4. Love the wall hanging. It makes me think hot chocolate & sugar cookies...considering the weather I'll skip the hot chocolate & take the sugar cookies.


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