Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just Hatched

Smaller birds have done it in the past.  Larger birds have looked and decided it was not a good idea.  Until this spring.  Robins decided to build a nest on my very old, brittle blueberry twig wreath on the front porch.  Now a robin's nest is pretty sturdy, lots of mud, straw, grasses, etc.  And heavy.  And it made the heart-shaped wreath tilt significantly to the side.  But two eggs were deposited....

Standing on the rocking chair near the nest I was able to see these:

I also got a short movie, but I have not been able to upload it successfully.  I really do love where I live.  These two successfully fledged, and the parents have stopped hollering at me every time I move!  I don't miss that!

The phoebes are nesting again!  So they are hollering at me on the side porch.

Next up?  Yes, it's something quilty again!

Blissful hugs,


  1. Sharon!! "Standing on a rocking chair"?!? I think I speak for lots of folks when I say we need you in one piece and not in a neck brace! Get out the footstool or step ladder! Hope you are having a great summer. :-)

  2. You are truly blessed with your location that you are able to see so much of the wildlife and that they are comfortable with you.

  3. My husband is always yelling at me for standing on unsafe chairs.....a rocking chair qualifies....please stay safe!

  4. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the baby birds. Just saw a baby woodpecker yesterday. Babies are everywhere!

  5. Such a beautiful pictures Sharon! As for standing on a rocking chair to get the picture......anything to get a good picture right?!!


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