Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I think I either need to get one or get less of one! Hard to decide! Stay tuned for a tutorial and lots more.

It's been awhile so...are you remembering how special each and every one of you are? Why not write this special message on a post-it note and put it on the mirror where you will see it every day?

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Virginia: The Fifth and Final Chapter

TQT and her patient guides left the Lincoln Memorial. Upon spotting TQT turning back for yet one more look, Eileen said, "You might as well take another picture!" So TQT did just that. What an awesome sight--from any angle.

Poor Albert Einstein. To be famous enough to have a statue, but a statue that everyone can climb and sit on! TQT said she thought that was why he looked so sad and tired!

In case you were having TQT withdrawal, here she is with Albert. Check out the scale! TQT resisted doing something gauche and making Albert look even more sad and tired! But the two kids who came shortly after had no such qualms and were all over the poor man. Let's review: Jefferson has to stand for all eternity, Lincoln get to sit, and Albert gets to be climbed on and over....

Marco, ever the gallant tour guide, went for the car while TQT and Eileen communed with Albert. The three then toured a bit of Arlington Cemetery, saw the Kennedy Center all lit up, the Jefferson Memorial, the Pentagon where the plane hit, the Air Force sculpture and this:

TQT's head was on a constant swivel in an attempt not to miss anything! What a lucky, lucky girl TQT is--and how very kind Marco and Eileen were to take her on this wild ride into the Washington, DC, night! (Oh, TQT almost forgot the final site: the back of the Hilton Hotel across from her hotel--the complete tour!)

TQT taught again on Saturday, imparting her special form of hand quilting to eager students. One student, at the end of the day, said, "You have changed my life!" She had tried hand quilting about a year prior and the teacher had discouraged her and she felt she would never be a hand quilter. But she signed up for TQT's class and did a fantastic job and was justifiably proud. TQT: Changing the world one quilter at a time.

After a toss-and-turn night thinking of the Beltway and possible delays, and after checking on-line and with "Lee" for possible alternatives, TQT decided to bit the bullet and head north the way she had come. It was a rainy, gray day--with no delays until TQT was almost home. A tractor trailer had caught on fire between exits 7 and 8 on I81 North. TQT sat in traffic for over an hour, moving at a snail's pace. Her exit was normally 10, but because of the delay in traffic and drinking too much Pepsi while waiting, she exited at 9, made a beeline to the ladies', and took back roads the rest of the way home.

For your viewing enjoyment, TQT presents:
This sheep was on the back of the elevator door at the hotel. TQT decided that if that elevator was the last one she took before leaving for home, she would take a pic. The caption was "with a baa baa here". It made TQT laugh every time she saw it!

And a bit of skyline and fog on the trip north. TQT actually prefers an overcast day to drive--easier on the eyes and usually cooler.

So there you have it, all wrapped up in five chapters! A memorable trip, friends made, adventures had. TQT will perhaps have more adventures to report upon in the future! You just never know where TQT will be next. Stay tuned!

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon (the authorized biographer of TQT)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Virginia: Chapter Four

Tromp, tromp, tromp...on the way from the George Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. Such a grand scale and more impressive the closer you get. TQT and her guides braved hordes of tourists, gnats and dusty walking to visit the next great monument.

The view from the bottom of the steps. Unbelievable!

Mr. Lincoln contemplating the masses. Such a humble man; what must he think? And what would he do in our troubled times? Female travel guide Eileen pointed out how tall he must have been when you notice how far his knees are from the edge of the chair. Do you ever wonder how different things would have been if he had not been assassinated?

And now, dear reader, a truly touristy picture: Of the eagle near the first Lincoln inaugural address. There is another on the other side. TQT and her guides felt that the brevity of this address was quite wonderful and wished that contemporary speech makers would be as brief--instead of pointing out how they cannot do anything because their predecessors have doomed any chance of success they may have had before being elected. (Just sayin'.)

Dusk is falling and the lights are coming up. Notice the beauty of Washington's buildings.

A bit later. TQT is just gob-struck at the sites. (Yes, she did try to keep her mouth shut so the flies didn't get in, but it was a tough job with so much awesomeness around her.)

TQT knows you were either hoping for an entire chapter with no TQT sighting, or you were disappointed at the thought of no TQT sighting. Trying to disappoint no one, for the former--close your eyes and hit the down arrow key several times. For the latter, look now!

(TQT wants you to know that sometimes life seems surreal. In writing this chapter and looking at the pictures, it is hard to believe that TQT was actually in DC with two wonderful people who took her under their wings to tour the city. Quilting has added greatly to TQT's life and the kindness of Eileen and Marco can never be remarked upon enough.)

With one chapter remaining to this tome, TQT will leave you with this message (found on a Daisy Sour Cream wrapper): Little acts of kindness can add up to a lifetime of happiness.

Good night, dear readers!
Sharon (the authorized biographer of TQT)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Virginia: Chapter Three

After reliving the Washington Monument escapade, TQT had to recline on her chaise, inhale chocolate and generally take a breather. But now...SHE'S BACK!

After averting disaster, TQT bravely climbed on a rather rounded top bench to pose with the next monument. Isn't it amazing that she looks so calm and collected after the narrow brush with her own mortality. What a trooper! And all while wearing a skirt! Let those super heroes try that!
TQT is definitely a tourist--you can tell because she took one look at the Lincoln Memorial and asked how come there were so many people and what was going on! (TQT thought the entire population of her tiny town was there!)

See the plane in the background of the above picture? That was the President on Air Force One leaving before being told of the averted disaster at the Washington Monument. TQT is still awaiting the Presidential Award mentioned by several readers.

After gracefully (yeah, right) leaping to the ground from the bench, TQT and her incredibly patient guides started walking to the Lincoln Memorial. Part of the reflecting pool has been taken out, to be replaced by a fountain with pillars surrounding it. In one of the "gateways" is this incredible sculpture of birds carrying a nest. It is absolutely huge and so detailed.

Here's part of the pillars--each has a state name engraved on it. In the foreground you can see a small waterfall-like structure.

And, from a slightly different angle, there is the base of the Washington Monument, safe and unblemished thanks to our heroine, TQT. What a selfless woman she is. (And modest!) You can also see the lights starting up at the base of the monument.

When TQT returns, it is a trip to the Lincoln Memorial. Here's something to think about til then: Lincoln gets to sit down for all eternity. Jefferson has to stand. Just sayin'!

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of TQT--you won't want to miss the next installment. Same TQT station, same TQT time. (Okay, the time may be different....)

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon (TQT's authorized biographer!)