Thursday, June 11, 2020

I Think It's Monday--but somehow it's now Thursday

Thought I'd share a few more quilts with you, my own inventions.

First up is a small hanging I made for my mom.  She loves crows and I had a limited amount of the crow fabric left.
Quilted in random straight lines with the walking foot.

Mom had a limited amount of otters in love fabric, so I combined it with some others to make a tablerunner.

Close up of fabrics.
I used an older bird themed fabric for backing (bought while teaching in Pennsylvania) and the binding came from a shop on Etsy from Missouri.
Lots more to come.  Thanks to everyone who commented last time.  Hot enough?

Blissful, at a distance, hugs,

P.S.  Hope everyone is safe and wearing their masks as needed and correctly.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Still Here

Although time has passed quickly, it's been 2.5 years since the stroke.  Still walking with a cane outside. 

 Left hand still impaired.  Am able to machine sew and have started quilting with a walking foot.

 My first quilt about a year ago.  Did not use walking foot for quilting.  Corners meet sporadically.  Great quilting print on back.  I signed it, dated it, said it was my first quilt since the stroke, and moved on.  Could not pin yet.

 A bit later.  Still not quilted with the walking foot, but corners now match, binding betterAble to pin better.

 Close-up of kind of wood grain quilting.

Opps, my area was not cleared off and two scraps of white fabric stuck to the back.  I had finished the quilting when I discovered it and would have had to remove 6 lines of quilting to remove them (not skilled enough at that point to partially remove anything)..It's a cool Easter print on the back, it looks like a rabbit tail, so I chenilled it, and left it.  A funny story for this piece!

I had fussy-cut and machine pieced the top before I got sick, walking foot machine quilted and bound it last year.  Love it!  New and old skills together.

I'm making baby stuff for a shower, have made about 200 and still counting masks that are all over the country, before Covid had started riding lessons, have mowed my own lawn, and have a family of foxes that play on my back porch.  I am well inside the house and do not interact with them, but the four kits are so fun to watch!  Two adults and four kits!

Just off the porch, with my camera phone.

That's it for now.  Hope everyone is well and wearing a mask in public.  Still typing with one finger.  Stay safe!

Blissful, if distant, hugs,

P.S.  Dickens is fine!