Kate and James Baby Girl Quilt 2020

A little backstory.  Here are Cindy (Grandma) and me showing several blocks and the setting fabric for her Grandma's quilt.  Several of us worked on the blocks, then pooled them to create a one-of-a-kind quilt for Cindy.  We'd like to do something similar for Kate and James, but the current pandemic precludes a gathering, so I propose something different.  When asked to participate, each person or family, will come to this site and choose their fabrics, note their position, then I will make the blocks and assemble the quilt.  Not what we hoped for, but we are trying to make lemonade with lemons!

Cindy's finished quilt.  Look at the variety of fabrics in each block.

This fabric was chosen during the gender neutral stage, but I still love it and so it stays!  Please do NOT use this in your blocks as the scale is too large.
This is the background fabric in every block.

I'm also holding this fabric in reserve, not for blocks, just in case.

Now comes the list of fabrics you can use with the turquoise for your blocks.  You will have four half-square triangles for the corners and one square for the center.  You can use one color for all or up to five different fabrics.  Please be sure to tell me where you want each piece and how you would like to be remembered (how your name should appear).

Fabric 1:  I only have a bit of this sunny yellow.  When it is gone, I will remove it from the list. (7/23 I have enough original yellow for 2 center squares.  Then I will use this more mottled yellow.)

Fabric 2:  Much more fiery than it shows.
Fabric 3:   (7/23) l removed it from the list because the original green is gone.  This is the new green.  More of it right now
Fabric 4:  Two shades of blue combine beautifully in this print.  Fat quarter only.
Fabric 5:  Lovely red with multi-colored circles.  Fat quarter.
Fabric 6:  A darker turquoise than the background.  Beautiful color.  Less than a fat quarter.
Fabric 7:  A burgundy color.  Small piece.  Will be removed when gone.
Fabric 8:  Reads as a denim color.  Less than a fat quarter.

                       Fabric 9:  A large piece
Fabric 9:  large piece

Here is the block laid out.  The letters are where you put your chosen fabrics.  Please designate what piece of fabric you want for each white space, i.e., A-3, B-9, etc.  First come, first serve on fabric.  Some are indicated as scarce, so get in early for those.

Yellow post-its indicate spaces for you to use.

                                                                         Chosen fabrics in design. 

My finished block, with chosen fabrics.

7/23  Thank you to everyone who has participated so far.  Those blocks are ready to piece.  Houston, we are a go for lift-off!


  1. Hi Sharon! What a great idea! And, I think I need to read your blog now.

    My choices: A-1, B-8, C-2, D-5, E-6

  2. This is so sweet! A2 B4 C1 D4 E2

  3. This is a lovely idea!
    A-7, B-1, C-9, D-3, E-2
    - Cousin Ellen

  4. Thank you all for participating! It's going to be beautiful!


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