Friday, July 20, 2018

Still Making Progress

It's been awhile since I blogged.  I'm still healing and have done no needlework in the last eight months.  What took seconds to happen has no end date.  I still walk with a cane and my left arm/hand is getting stronger, but I cannot hurry the progress.  For those who are interested, Pompera will be used for therapeutic riding, then come to me for retirement.  My mind is willing, but there are many things I cannot do.  I can brush her and love her, but I cannot move fast enough to get out of her way if she moves suddenly.  I will be able to visit her and ride her and someone else will pay to feed her and for her expensive shoes.  After spending years and part of my work life typing with two hands it is painful to use one finger!  But I am healing - just slowly.  At least my mind is intact and I'm still willing to take risks!  A bit more slowly and with some planning, but I'm still here!  I still miss you all and appreciate your many kindnesses!