Tuesday, March 27, 2018


At long last, I am home to stay.  Over the past four months I've only been home on short visits, with the proviso that I had to return to rehab ( I can't understand why they emphasized that to me).  Dickens has come out of hiding and is keeping me company. Have not tried quilting yet--probably tomorrow, but I have been thinking of how I can modify what I want to do.  One needs two good hands for many things. I will continue to make quilts--just a bit differently.

Hello to everyone.  I was able to help someone who had a stroke near my timeline, helped several elderly folks, and can serve as a shining example of faith (or stupidity) in action.  Be grateful for every day you are healthy and whole; it can be gone in less than a blink.

Blissfully counting down to spring,

Friday, March 23, 2018

Home Soon

After what seems like forever, I'll be home early next week. It will seem heavenly. And quiet. Just me and the cat.  No upstairs yet and Ieft hand a bit better.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

A long journey

I must admit that I thought I would be better long ago. But it is almost 100 days since coming to rehab. Mentally, I've been ready; physically not so much. I lost all use of my left side. My hand is slowly coming back and I can walk with a wheeled walker. Since it can take over a year for it all to come back, it's a waiting game. I am reading all the cards and comments, so keep them coming. I'll answer as soon as I get home.

Love and big hugs, and thanks,