Sunday, January 3, 2021

Greetings, Quilt Fans

I partially figured out my problem, so let's see if I can add some pics today.

First, some hand piecing.  From the back...

From the front.

My first applique label.  I only had a bit of selvage left so I machine stitched that onto the label first, inked the rest of the label and then appliqued it.  You can biggie size any of the pictures by tapping with your mouse.  A doll quilt for a little girl named Arabella from the Arabella fabric line a bit ago.  She got it yesterday and she was very happy even though she did not understand about the incredible story of having a fabric line named for her. 

Will quit here for today.  Hope you are well.  Oh, by the way, There is a glitch somewhere for Hummingbird Highway, so please click on Hummingbird Highway on my blog list, then find Winging It blog on her site to get the new postings.  I updated all the info, but it does not link to the new site.  Sorry!  Also I added Susan Branch--love her stuff--very down to earth, cool stuff.  Check her out! 

See you again soon!💖

Blissful, if distant. hugs,


Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!

Although long silent, I am glad to report that I am still here.  While still some lasting (so far) impairment, I have made progress! For the moment I cannot figure out how to add photos, so I will describe what skills I am glad to see a glimpse of.

First, I've been able to hand APPLIQUE my sleeves and complete labels to my quilts and to hand finish binding.  It takes a bit longer than before...but it's better than nothing and looks like my old stitching.

Second, I hand pieced a full hexagon block with pass-throughs, circled eight seams to finish another block. Again, very slow going but the points and stitches are the same as before the stroke.

I am able to pin better, which has increased my accuracy.

I can rotary cut better, still only right handed, but it's easier to leap frog my left hand on the ruler and hold it; I rarely use the flat iron to hold the end of the ruler, and that is only on my 24". 

Counted cross stitch is keeping me entertained. Getting more control and a better looking back.

Still knitting but better.  Shawl started again and looks much better.

Have made close to 400 masks.  I remember joking about Halloween fabrics when we started making them in March!  Who knew we would need Christmas, too.

Had a bit of mask fabric in my bag and have started a mask quilt using 3.5" squares of all the mask fabrics alternating with a light blue speckle.  60 x 72 inches and about half done.  No borders, just blocks to the edge.  

As soon as I can figure out the pictures I will show you all this stuff and more.  Also updating Hummingbird Highway's info on blog.  She has moved her blog and you can read all the posts we have been missing.  I'll try to be more frequently here this year. 

Stay safe, wear your mask in public (correctly), socially distance and stay home when you can.  Let's get rid of Covid 19 in both iterations early this year.  All the best for 2021 to you and your family.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger says:  "I'll be back."  Threat or promise to be determined!

Distant, blissful hugs,


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Another Warm Sunday

Happy Sunday morning!  Already hot and humid at 10:00 AM.

A bit of catchup.  First today is a hexagon quilt I hand-pieced before the recent unpleasantness.  After things improved a bit, I walking foot machine quilted it.  For those who have the vapors because I machine quilted a hand-pieced top, GET OVER IT!  I cannot hand quilt right now, but I was able to finish it this way.  No shame in doing what works.

Close-up of the quilting.  Love it!

A tablerunner I made for a friend.  All batiks.  Machine pieced.

Close-up of quilting.  Walking foot quilted with lime green thread.

 The back.

Also made for a friend.  Can we just say, when possible I like to cut and add my triangles, NOT use rectangles and squares!


Back, using folded squares as hangars.

The hand stitching of binding is getting easier and my last binding was close to "before the unpleasantness".  The mask making continues.  Also making things for a baby due in August.  

That's it for now.  Wear your masks appropriately (nose, mouth and chin covered).  It's good for us all to be safe.

Distant hugs,